The Best Grading Service on Earth.


We've Made Grading Easier, Safer, and More Accurate.

Opti-Sensi-Scan™ Technology

We scan your items using state of the art technology to make sure grades are accurate and consistent. The same card is guaranteed to get the same grade every time.

24-Hour Turnaround

We have industry-leading turnaround times. You won't wait months or even weeks to get your cards back. Our premier service allows you to have your cards encased and in your hands within 24 hours of placing your order.

Diamond Silk Shield™ Scratch-Proofing

Our Diamond Silk Shield™ makes the entire case 100% scratch-proof. No more having scratches get in the way of you enjoying your cards.

50 Year UV Protection

Our state of the art space-grade resin cases provide 10x the UV protection of other grading companies. Your cards will not only be secure, but safe in a Grading Co. case.

Pop 1 Exclusives

Be the first to score a pop 1, and have the option to forever block others from receiving your distinguished grade.

Custom Labels

Not only can you choose the color of your label, but you can add custom text to your grade to make it truly stand out.

Interview: The Launch of Grading Co.

Darren Rovell sits down with our Chief Marketing Officer to Discuss the Launch of Grading Co.


Our cases are made of a space-grade resin that is 100% UV rated for 50+ years, scratch proof, waterproof up to 300 meters, and bulletproof up to a 38mm round.

The Grading Co. Difference

We have the latest and greatest in case technologies to make sure your items look great while being well preserved. Our cases have been thoroughly tested and have performed well under extreme conditions including high humidity climates, areas with messy children, and live war zones.

Your Cards Never Leave Your Possession

Why risk having your cards lost in the mail, or being stuck at a grading company right when the market peaks. Our home-encasing service allows you to encase your own cards with a kit we ship to you overnight. So your cards go from raw to encased in just 24 hours.

Bump Competitor Grades

Have a card that's already graded by PSA, BGS, CSA, HGA, KLM, PTO or GGG? Simply scan the card in its existing grading case and we'll see if we think it deserves a better grade. And if it's already received a "10" we can still give it a bump!

Who wants a "10" when you can have an "11"?

Inspired by Spinal Tap, we feel the best cards should go beyond a 10, that's why our top grade is an 11.

Six Sub-grades

We lead the industry with 6 sub-grades so you can see exactly why your card is graded like it is.

#1-4: Centering, Corners, Edges, Surface

The long-time standards including how well centered the card is, as well as the condition of the corners, edges, and front/back of the card.

#5: Color

Beyond surface, we look to see how well the color of your card matches to the day it was printed.

#6: Future

Using deep knowledge of the card's materials and current grade we can predict the future of your card.


We're not just some grading company, we are THE Grading Co.

It's no accident that we are the self-proclaimed fastest growing grading card company.


Easy Fee Structure

We have the most affordable grading services in the industry. You are only charged for encapsulation AFTER you approve of the grade your card gets.

$5 Grading Fee

We charge a flat fee of just $5 to grade your card no matter the value. You get your grade in seconds, and if you are unhappy with the grade, you don't have to pay to have it encased. This saves you time and money.

$25 Encasement Fee

Once you are happy with your grade you can purchase an encasing kit. For just $25 per card you'll have the latest state of the art protective technology, teamed with our special label displaying your cards grade.


Receive a grade that you don't like? No problem! You can use our UP-Grade feature to raise the grade of your card. Click Here to see the upgrade fee structure.

Our Unique Qualifiers

We've gone beyond standard qualifiers like OC and ST, as we realize that it's important to point out certain things about the card to help newbie collectors.


"BC" stands for "Base Card". This distinction is given to cards that have more expensive parallels, so that people realize the one you have is the cheapest one they can get.


"DTG" stands for "Dumb to Grade". A card encased with this distinction cost our customer more to grade than it's now worth.

Ebay 1/1

This distinction is reserved for cards that were the only ones seen on ebay at a particular point in time. It brings no extra value to the card, but people love using this term on ebay so we decided to include it on our cases.


Coming Soon: Celebrity Grading

Pick from top celebrities to grade your cards. And receive a special label signed by the celebrity who graded it.


DIY Encasing

You don't want someone else touching your cards. So we send the case to you for easy assembly.

Our Kits are Overnight Shipped

Our patent pending self-encasing kits come to you via overnight mail. Each kit inlcudes a case, your printed label and the encasement bag.

Easy Preparation

To prepare, simply boil 2 quarts of water on a stove. Then take the special case we provided, place it in the provided bag. Place the bag and case into the water for 3 minutes. Then remove.

Hardening the Case

Allow the case to dry and harden for 15 minutes. Once this process is completed your card will be forever sealed in the protective case.

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